How to make your Gifts look Gorgeous

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a gift look really special, this dvd will enable you to do just that.

First I show you how to wrap a rectangular box. Yes, this is the most basic technique, but you’ll see how to cut the correct amount of paper, make razor sharp folds and the secret way of perfectly finished edges. You’ll also learn how to wrap a square box where the dimensions are treated differently!

You’ll learn a very quick and easy way to wrap a bottle.  There’s no difficult pleating underneath, no bunching up the top.  Your bottle will look perfectly wrapped and you can add whatever embellishments you wish for either a fancy or sophisticated look.

The Japanese are the most talented gift-wrappers, using great precision as you can imagine.  I’ll show you a couple of techniques that will make your gift really standout – and use those precious bits of left-over paper.

Then there’s the Envelope Wrap, which is perfect for any bulky item, from a piece of jewellery to a bike under the Christmas Tree.

What gift is complete without a bow?  I show you 3 very different styles that can be used with many types of ribbon in a myriad of ways.

Finally I’ll show you some of the wrapping you can achieve, as plain or exotic as you wish.  Gift-wrapping was never so much fun and you’ll pick up the compliments!

Price: £12.99 (includes p&p)

Pink Paris