Paris Chic


I often think this is my most fabulous collection.  Paris Chic is a stunning, dramatic design suitable for your most stylish gifts.  I’ve chosen to partner the colourful design with dramatic red and black so you can mix and match as you choose.  To give you more options you’ll find a rich red satin ribbon, a deep black velvet and a flirty black and white stripe.  Be creative, have fun and collect the compliments!

Price: £44.00 which includes:

  • 4 sheets Paris Label Gift Wrap 70 x 50cm
  • 2 sheets Red Gift Wrap 70 x 50cm
  • 2 sheets Black Gift Wrap 70 x 50cm
  • 10 sheets Red Tissue paper
  • 5 metres 35mm Red Satin Ribbon
  • 5 metres 9mm Black Velvet Ribbon
  • 5 metres 16mm Black/White Stripe Ribbon
  • 10 Gift Cards
  • Double-sided Tape
  • DVD How to Wrap the Perfect Gift
Pink Paris