Christmas Kindles

Are you giving a e-reader for Christmas this year? It appears many people are. Actually I’m not giving one for Christmas, but I am giving our son one for his birthday on Saturday. He’s joined the Army and is off to Afghanistan in April and he’s going to miss his books. By buying him a […] Read more »

Wrapping Begins!

I was asked some weeks ago to put together my top 10 tips for Christmas Wrapping. Most of them rang true for any gift wrapping, but as I like ‘tweeting’ and am trying to build up my list of followers on Twitter (I love a good community!), I’m tweeting a tip each day. On my […] Read more »

Bountiful Bows

  Christmas is fast approaching and it’s going to be time to wrap all those gifts.  You don’t leave it all until the last minute do you? I thought I would start posting some tips on gorgeous gift-wrapping so you can make your gifts look really generous this year.  I think almost every gift looks […] Read more »

Preening Peacocks!

Sitting near my desk is a vase of peacock feathers.  Not great big tall ones but masses of shorter ones showing off the beautiful irridescent eyes.  There must be about 100 in there.  I think I’ve adored peacock feathers since I ventured into the amazing store that was Biba in the seventies and saw them […] Read more »

A Talent for Print

I’m always looking for design that stands out and last year I came across some wrapping paper that I thought was definitely different. It was bright, attractive, and the colours and print were far removed from the usual offerings you find in the UK.  They were designed by Emily Burningham.  Like me, Emily spent her […] Read more »