Kissing at Christmas

When we lived in France there were trees lining the drive that were heavily hung with great balls of mistletoe. One was covered so thickly that we named it ‘The Mistletoe Tree’ and each winter as we headed towards Christmas, we cut down some branches to take indoors; there I tied them up with wide […] Read more »

Autumn Wrap Up

At this time of year we all start thinking about Christmas which seems a shame as it;s then easy to overlook the season we are in.  There’s so much to enjoy in Autumn and there are plenty of birthdays still to celebrate before we come to the Christmas Gifts.  In our family, everyone seems to […] Read more »

Preening Peacocks!

Sitting near my desk is a vase of peacock feathers.  Not great big tall ones but masses of shorter ones showing off the beautiful irridescent eyes.  There must be about 100 in there.  I think I’ve adored peacock feathers since I ventured into the amazing store that was Biba in the seventies and saw them […] Read more »

Those are my colours!

The main reason for visiting Paris recently was to check out the renowned Maison et Objet Show.  This is a wonderful trade show for anyone interested in design, homes, gardens, trends, international objects and generally, all things beautiful.  There were so many gorgeous things to see and trends to spot.  I did however see the […] Read more »


I was musing the other day about butterflies and wondering why, when I live in the country, I have seen hardly any butterflies yet this year.  Maybe when we had the good weather it was too early and now that it is cold and wet, there’s no chance for them.  So to cheer myself up […] Read more »