Satin for the Men?

Mother’s Day doesn’t seem so long ago and here we are, celebrating Father’s Day. I know some people frown and say it’s another commercial venture, but then again Dads these days are rather more hands on than those of 50 years ago, so I think they deserve as much praise and appreciation as the Mums […] Read more »

Wrapping Begins!

I was asked some weeks ago to put together my top 10 tips for Christmas Wrapping. Most of them rang true for any gift wrapping, but as I like ‘tweeting’ and am trying to build up my list of followers on Twitter (I love a good community!), I’m tweeting a tip each day. On my […] Read more »

Bountiful Bows

  Christmas is fast approaching and it’s going to be time to wrap all those gifts.  You don’t leave it all until the last minute do you? I thought I would start posting some tips on gorgeous gift-wrapping so you can make your gifts look really generous this year.  I think almost every gift looks […] Read more »

New Ideas

I have always believed that whatever starts over in North America will gradually make its way across the sea where Britain will take it up and then slowly but surely it will keep heading eastwards into the rest of Europe.  Look at Crispy Creme Doughnuts, or should that be Krispy Creme Do-Nuts?  All the fast […] Read more »